England's Green & Pleasant Land

In England’s Green & Pleasant Land

Touring the manicured grounds and gardens of England’s grand manor houses has been a tradition for hundreds of years. At the Deer Path Inn, we are proud to continue this grand tradition with a distinctively English setting for the Inn.

Landscape design at the Inn is the work of Lake Forest’s own Craig Bergmann Landscape Design. The well-manicured style invokes the sense of having a dedicated gardener on staff. The design combines the more formal elements of a typical Tudor and Elizabethan garden with the more mix-and match Arts and Crafts tradition that evolved in the late 19th century. The Arts and Crafts style speaks to the history of the Inn as the tradition evolved from homes being added on to over hundreds of years as they were passed down through family lineages.

Featuring traditional stone walls, terra cotta elements salvaged from local resources and flagstone paving that creates a pleasant, quilt-like aesthetic, the overall effect combines a homage to the historic English tradition with a subtle nod to today’s more modern sensibilities.

From the statue of the stately bronze Scottish red stag that presides over the specialty blooming trees and shrubs in the courtyard, to the ‘Heritage’ Birch tree and fruiting espalier pear trees in the East Garden, to beautiful planting design and stonework in the English Garden courtyard, every detail provides seasonal colour and visual interest throughout the year.

“This inn holds the history of generations of people living out the important moments in their lives,” said Craig Bergmann, “the landscape design invites people to experience all the splendor and majesty of an English manor house and helps extend the Inn’s gracious hospitality beyond its walls.