The Deer Path Inn Wins Another Ardent Admirer

2015 DPI Headshots-0053psIn his previous role as Regional Director of Operations for Charlestowne Hotels, Deer Path Inn General Manager Matt Barba has overseen several high profile ventures. He’s also managed projects at a number of celebrated AAA Four- and Five-Diamond hotels, but it wasn’t until he arrived in Lake Forest that one of the projects finally took him over.

While working more closely with the hotel and team, Matt began to realize that this project would be something special. As he started shaping the plans for the future of the property, got to know the Lake Forest community and began working with the dynamic team, he knew this was one project he really wanted to see through to the end.

“Our intent is not merely to remodel the Deer Path Inn,” said Matt, “but to reimagine it into a more relevant and pristine version of what it already was. To restore this unique, historic inn in a way that enhances its deeply rooted English manor house milieu, and redefines it in a way that makes its traditional appeal even more warm and inviting.”

With the renovation, guests can look forward to everything from enjoying Afternoon Tea, to savoring fish and chips in the White Hart Pub, to simply reading a book in the English garden or participating in a culinary adventure with Chef Khellil’s tasting menu in the English Room. There will be so much to experience in the Deer Path Inn and half the fun is simply navigating through the winding halls and stairs to discover unexpected surprises at every turn.

According to Matt, after months of hard work and anticipation it’s hard for even him to pick out the one thing he is most excited to see when the Inn re opens this fall. “It’s the total package, the aggregate of the individual enhancements creating an environment that is unlike anything on the North Shore. “

Matt certainly wouldn’t the first person to fall under the spell of the Deer Path Inn, and we know he won’t be the last. This winter we invite you to experience the re-envisioned Deer Path Inn, meet Matt and his dedicated team and discover for yourself what makes the Inn so unique.